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Sunbury Controls is a factory trained and authorized distributor of HVAC controls, instrumentation, valves and regulators. With over 36 years of experience in the industry, our customer service and expertise are a valuable resource in today’s market. We provide same day shipping for in-stock items.

Industries Served

Sunbury Controls, Inc Sunbury Controls, Inc

Gas & Oil-Sunbury Controls provides the Gas & Oil Industry with gas regulators, valves, and pressure and temperature instrumentation. Sunbury Controls, Inc Sunbury Controls, Inc

Commercial HVAC-Sunbury Controls has a wide product offering including temperature controls, pressure controls, combustion analyzers, actuators and control valves for commercial HVAC contractors. Sunbury Controls, Inc Sunbury Controls, Inc

Institution-Indoor air quality, temperature and pressure Is imperative for a healthy and safe work environment. Sunbury Controls provides schools, hospitals, correctional facilities, laboratories and many other institutions with the controls needed to maintain proper conditions. Sunbury Controls, Inc Sunbury Controls, Inc

Brewery & Wine-The craft brewery industry and wineries are growing. Sunbury Controls is a leading provider of solenoid valves for the cooling and heating process. We also provide systems for sanitizing, cleaning and lubricating to drop stations and other spray and foam cleaning applications. Sunbury Controls, Inc Sunbury Controls, Inc

Water-The demand for clean water supply is a hot button for today’s world. Sunbury Controls is your source for solenoid valves, chemical injection pumps and water meters. Sunbury Controls, Inc Sunbury Controls, Inc

Process & Industrial-Facility engineers need their sites and operations to be efficient and run smoothly. Sunbury Controls provides temperature regulators, gas regulators, solenoid valves and other instrumentation to assist their critical mission.